Name: Nevi

DOB: 05-02-2016

DNA certificate
Hips: HD A, Norberg value 40
Eyes: Unaffected 09/2019 – 09/2020
PN: Clear
Long Coat: Carries the gene for long hair

Coat Lenght 1: L/l Carrier
Coat Lenght 2 : L/L Non Carrier

Weight: 30 kilos

Kataum Inua's Iglanartok

Nevi is a real lady. She enjoys working, she has a lot of power. Nevi did the puppy class, young dog class and basic obedience class. She passed the obedience exam very easy. She did everything we asked of her but she did not enjoy the class so much. When we stopped and she was allowed to work for the scooter and rig she thought it was fantastic! She is an excellent lead dog in training but she prefers to be in wheel with competitions. Nevi is a nice and sweet lady with a character. Walking or training together for a show is great and she does everything for treats! Since we moved, she has a calmer and relaxed character. The peace and space do her very well and you can see that she loves this and need this. Nevi became a mother of 7 beautiful puppies in May 2020. She really did a great job, we are so proud of her!

Pedigree Kataum Inua's Iglanartok @ Inua's Voice Alaskan Malamutes

Titles & Judge reports


Reserve Bitch 2x

Best Puppy




Judge Rony Doedijns (NL)

Female-lined bitch. Sufficient leg length. Matching bone and substance. Normally front and rear. Good body for age. Well set and worn tail. Beautifully lined head, beautiful eye pigment and expression. Good teeth. Movement a little bit with more stride length and thrust. Excellent presentation and ring behavior

Judge Carsten Birk (DK)

Good proportions. Excellent expression. Small well set ears. Excellent lenght of muzzle. Strong back. Well carried tail. Good spring of ribs. Balanced in bone & angulation. Steady movement. Excellent coat.

AMCN Specialty 2019 Judge Elly Weijenborg (NL)

3 years. Powerfully built bitch. Great body proportions. Feminine but powerful head with broad skull. Wide but well placed and sturdy ear. Medium brown eye. Strong muzzle. Strong neck. Deep chest and good breast volume. Enough front chest. Great tailset but a little too strongly curled feather tail. Good angulations. Strong foot type snow shoe. Stands for occasional a little bit wide. Sturdy, double coat. Goes with ample stride and good thrust. Great ring behavior.

AMCN Specialty 2018 Judge Sharon Loades (UK)

Typical head. Correct eye shape. Thick ear leather. Muzzle could be slighty bulkier. Good pigment. Strong neck. Slightly forward in shoulder placement. Good bone. Correct feet. Lovely spring of rib. Strong loin. Good topline. Strong well muscled thighs. Well let down hocks. Carrying a lovely coat. Tail well set and carried. Moved soundly up and down. Just rolling slightly over shoulders in profile.

Judge P.C. Zwaartman-Pinster (NL)

7 months, Powerful but feminine & typical breed. Great skull, for snout & groove, great eye, ear & expression good teeth & pigment. Well angled in front & back. Good topline, tail set.  Well-developed chest and ribs. Great feet, corridors and fur.

Dryland races from 2017 to the present



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3rd place 1x

Nevi Kataum Inua's Iglanartok at Inua's Voice AMCN 2019
Nevi Kataum Inua's Iglanartok at Inua's Voice
Nevi Kataum Inua's Iglanartok at Inua's Voice
Inua's Voice Kataum Inua's Iglanartok Nevi