Hi, We are Corné and Marloes.

We are Malamute owners with love and passion for animals and especially sled dogs, the Alaskan Malamute.

We have adapted our lifestyle to our dogs and we enjoy this a lot.

For us, being together is with our dogs.

Our dogs always have to be taken care of so our life coexists with them, our family.

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We are a small kennel and breed not much, every year and a half one litter. We only breed if we can keep a puppy ourselves or if we have plans for the future with certain lines and people are ok with a kind of ‘co-own’ male.

We breed to make our team bigger so that our older Malamutes can enjoy their retirement with us.

Our Alaskan Malamutes are part of our family together with our two cats. The dogs live with us in and around our house. They are running free in our garden and we have a big dog yard, we walk and train them for dryland races and snow vacations. We also participate in dog shows.

With the dog shows we want to show that our malamutes are working dogs, that they are sled dogs, they were bred to work.