Sire: Souvenir Of Sitka’s Summer Solo

HD A, ED 0, Eyes clear, PN clear, LC non carrier

Dam: Inua’s Voice Bumblebee¬†

HD A, Eyes clear, PN clear, LC carrier

Inua's Voice Bumblebee at Inua's Voice Kennel Alaskan Malamute Puppy

1 and 2 february a mating took place between Maya and Solo

Day 1 (thursday 2feb): a mating took place between Maya and Solo.

Day 16-21: in our holiday we noticed that sometimes Maya made the bed a little bit.

Day 24: Saturday, February 25th, Maya had slime. This is normally a symptom that she is pregnant. So all fingers crossed.

Day 29: Thursday, March 2, the ultrasound. We counted 5 puppies on the ultrasound, we are very happy!

This morning we saw again slime and a little drops of blood.

Day 30: Maya weighs 29.4 kilo

Day 42: Maya is affectionate from the start.

She wants to cuddle and be petted a lot. You can see that her belly and nipples are getting bigger.

Day 59/60: In the night Maya was very restless. 

Day 61: In the morning she just wanted to dig in the garden and lie in her hole. 

in the evening at half past ten the contractions begin. the first puppy was born on the couch at 10.20pm, a male.

Maya was very fast, there was 30 to 40 minutes between each puppy. The 2nd and 3rd puppy are females. The 4th and 5th puppy males. The last puppy was born at 00.48. A beautiful litter of 5 puppies (she delivered in 2,5hours). 3 males and 2 females.

Puppies 2/3days old 

Males Green-White-Yellow & Females Red-Orange

Puppies 1week old



Puppies 2weeks old

Puppies 3weeks old

4 weeks old

5 weeks old

6 weeks old

playtime, almost 7 weeks old

7 weeks old

8 weeks old

Some pictures

Green boy – Inua’s Voice Sting Like A Bee ‘Vincent’ going to live in Belgium

Red female- Inua’s Voice Queen Bee ‘Tequila’ going to live in Norway

Orange female- Inua’s Voice Sweetest Thing ‘Noah’ going to live in Hoogeveen, Netherlands

White boy- Inua’s Voice Royal Jelly ‘Joshy’ going to live in Sprang-Capelle, Netherlands

Yellow boy- Inua’s Voice Sunrise Gold ‘Atka’ going to live in Germany