Puppies around 3 April 2023

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Sire: Souvenir Of Sitka’s Summer Solo

HD A, ED 0, Eyes clear, PN clear, LC non carrier

Dam: Inua’s Voice BumblebeeĀ 

HD A, Eyes clear, PN clear, LC carrier

Inua's Voice Bumblebee at Inua's Voice Kennel Alaskan Malamute Puppy

1 and 2 february a mating took place between Maya and Solo

Day 1 (thursday 2feb): a mating took place between Maya and Solo.

Day 16-21: in our holiday we noticed that sometimes Maya made the bed a little bit.

Day 24: Saturday, February 25th, Maya had slime. This is normally a symptom that she is pregnant. So all fingers crossed.

Day 29: Thursday, March 2, the ultrasound. We counted 5 puppies on the ultrasound, we are very happy!

This morning we saw again slime and a little drops of blood.

Day 30: Maya weighs 29.4 kilo

Day 42: Maya is affectionate from the start.

She wants to cuddle and be petted a lot. You can see that her belly and nipples are getting bigger.