Name: Jon Snow

DOB: 02-06-2018

Hips: HD A, Norberg value 37,5
Eyes: Unaffected 11/2019 – 11/2020
PN: Clear
Long Coat: Carries the gene for long hair

Coat Lenght 1 & 2: L/l Carrier

Weight: 35 kilos

whitewalker north o'the wall jon snow inua's voice

Jon Snow is a fun, sweet and enthusiastic malamute. Jon Snow fits very well in our pack, he loves to play with you and the ball. Likes to cuddle and love people. He passed the puppy class and it went very well. Jon has a high energy level and really loves to work/run. He just goes ahead no matter how heavy. He does some tough talk to other dogs because he is a bit unsure. He is happy to be with you, inside or outside the house. We work and show with Jon Snow. Jon Snow had a date with our girl Nevi and he became father of 7 beautiful puppies.

Titles & Judge Reports



BOB 1x

Reserve Male 2x

Best Junior 2x

Best puppy 1x

CAC 2x



AMCN Specialty 2019 Judge Ellly Weijenborg.
11 months old. Great size. Great body proportions. Powerful, wedge-shaped head with a broad skull. Beautifully shaped but slightly light eye. Slightly long but well placed and worn sturdy ear. Great neck. Good angulations. Sufficient fore chest. May still win something in chest width but already good depth. Well applied and worn feather tail. Nice bone. Powerful snow shoe type. Sturdy double coat. Easy corridors with good thrust. Well presented and super friendly ring behavior.

CHIRSTMAS SHOW Venray 2018 Judge Mw. H.M.A. Liebrand.
6 months old male. Already beautiful male head. Correct dark eyes. Scissor bite. Nice neck length. Good chest. Great bone and feet. Correct size angles. Good tail and gestation. Movement still under development. Excellent fur. Friendly, happy character. Great ring behavior for age.

Dryland races from Oct 2019


1st place 1x

2nd place 1x



3rd place 1x

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Jon Snow Whitewalker North O' The Wall
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